Leading Thoughts: 2/18/18 Client Benefits for Geopier® Ground Improvement

Geopier Drilling

We asked Jeff Christensen, P.E., Senior Engineer at Ground Improvement Engineering, about the benefits of choosing Geopier® ground improvement.

Does your project site have poor soils? Is your project in a tight, urban location? Are you looking for ways to save time and money? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let the experienced Geopier team evaluate your situation.  We will tailor a solution to address your needs.

Here are the three good reasons for the Owner or Design Team to choose Geopier ground improvement:

Cost Savings

Geopier ground improvement can save you money, especially compared to expensive deep foundations (piles, caissons, etc.) or over-excavation and replacement.

In the case of deep foundations we can help you switch back to normal footings and floor slabs-on-grade.

The cost of removing poor soils, trucking them offsite and importing select fill can be daunting. How about trying to dry the soils onsite for reuse?  A couple of rainy weeks will stop you in your tracks.

Dewatering or temporary shoring to protect existing buildings or utilities can add up, too. Why not improve the unsuitable soils in place to make things easier on your wallet?

Smaller Footings

Geopier techniques create very stiff improved conditions for high soil bearing pressures. Smaller footings have less concrete, less reinforcing steel and require less labor, again putting money back in your project for other items.

Faster Schedules

We expect that you want to finish the project quickly and before the completion date. We can help with that by getting the work done quickly; often you can start foundations while we are still on the site.

So, what are you waiting for?  We can evaluate your project quickly and give you a budget that is realistic.  You have engaged a team that includes engineers and licensed contractors that have completed more than 8,000 Geopier ground improvement projects.  Now that is a lot of improved soil experience!


Contact our geotechnical engineers. Improve your site and put the savings to better use.