The Geopier SRT® (Slope Reinforcement Technology) system is a powerful, proven method to stabilize slopes and active landslides. Ground Improvement Engineering will tailor the design for your soil and slope conditions.

Geopier SRT Design/Construction Process

The Geopier SRT uses patented Plate Pile™ elements.  These are rapidly driven through unstable soils into a competent layer. The Plate Piles are staggered in an array based on the slope grades and soil engineering properties.

The Plate Pile elements transmit slide forces to the underlying competent layer to resist lateral movements and increase the factor of safety against failure. They are designed to handle soil conditions with an upper relatively shallow zone of loose or soft soil over a stronger zone of soil/rock.

Geopier SRT Advantages

  • Engineered by local geotechnical engineers familiar with your geology
  • Agile — done on tight and steep sites
  • Proven — tens of thousands plate piles installed
  • Economical — savings compared to over-excavation/replacement
  • Fast — 100 to 400 Plate Piles per day
  • Convenient — no lane closures/traffic delays

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