We do all we can to make sure you stand strong.


We pride ourselves on more than 25 years of supporting owners, developers, structural engineers and architects the way you wish to be supported. You get ground improvement tailored to your poor or tough soil conditions, clear engineering submittals, and design opinions you can trust and call upon – time and again.

With that as the basis of our relationship, we stand ready to help support your foundations, whether you need 10-foot depths or more than 45-foot depths. We also coordinate our work with underground utility installations. Call us early in your planning stages to discuss our many types of ground improvement techniques.

'As we evaluated a number of ground improvement technologies for the Wichita Central Rail Corridor Project, it became apparent early-on that the engagement and design support provided by Geopier Engineers (Aaron Gaul) was on target with our needs. This support carried through construction and performance monitoring of the walls. They were truly interested in delivering an efficient, economical engineering solution to meet our design and performance requirements.'

Wayne Duryee, Geotechnical Section ManagerHNTB Corporation (Kansas City, MO)

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