Our Geopier® engineering is your advantage.


You need every possible edge you can get to save time and money. We have the hands-down best ground improvement methods, local market knowledge and time-tested builder relationships to get the job at hand done quickly, correctly and cost-effectively.

We can help you build smaller footings and take a structural slab back to a normal slab-on-grade. You can also meet with our engineers throughout the project to make sure that responsibilities are clearly defined.

'We needed a deep foundation option that would allow us to start construction in the middle of the winter in Southeast Kansas. Our Geopier® solution allowed us to start on time, save thousands of dollars, and we gained weeks on our schedule. As compared to over-excavation or other deep foundation systems, Geopier is the best alternative that we have found, and we have continued to recommend it and use it on projects to save both time and money.'

Matthew C. McPherson, P.E., Vice PresidentMcPherson Contractors, Inc. (Topeka, KS)

Project managers love to hear that we can work in remote rural areas or bring our equipment into tight urban sites and install ground improvement elements efficiently.

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