GeoConcrete® Columns System

Welcome to another Geopier® Rigid Inclusion system option. This system is constructed of plain concrete and is used to transfer loads through very weak soils, such as soft clays and organics, down to a suitable bearing stratum.

The construction begins by driving a closed system displacement mandrel, supplied with concrete, down to the dense bearing stratum. The mandrel is moved up and down successively to build an expanded concrete base to optimize load transfer into the bearing layer.

Following base construction, the mandrel is withdrawn while maintaining a positive internal pressure to expel the remaining concrete into the columnar soil cavity created by the mandrel. The closed system of the GeoConcrete Column mandrel allows for robust quality control monitoring during the construction process, which ensures the installation of a high-quality, ground improvement product.

The GeoConcrete® Column System provides high capacity, rigid elements with superior levels of performance for foundation support and settlement control. This technology can provide an excellent alternative to deep foundations, including driven piles, drilled shafts or augered cast-in-place piles.

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