Nothing satisfies us
more than our clients' satisfaction.

"The entire staff was very professional, timely, and delivered a great product.  Our settlements have always been uniform and within the tolerances stated in the contracts.  We have done over 20 bins with Geopier and always consider using them on all our future jobs."

Alex Roorda, Construction Manager, Heartland Cooperative (central Iowa)


"My first building project utilizing rammed aggregate piers from Ground Improvement Engineering was in 1999.  Since that time they have provided ground improvement solutions for a number of building projects that I have been involved with.  I've found their rammed aggregate piers to be excellent, cost-effective alternatives to deep foundation systems or soil corrections, resulting in reduced construction time, simplified foundation systems, and cost savings for owners.”

Stephen Hearn, P.E., Structural Group Leader, LHB Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) 


"We needed a deep foundation option that would allow us to start construction in the middle of the winter in Southeast Kansas. Our Geopier® solution allowed us to start on time, save thousands of dollars, and we gained weeks on our schedule. As compared to over-excavation or other deep foundation systems, Geopier is the best alternative that we have found, and we have continued to recommend it and use it on projects to save both time and money."

Matthew C. McPherson, P.E., Vice President, McPherson Contractors, Inc. (Topeka, KS)

"I have been directly involved in a street and bridge project in Sioux Falls where the Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier system was utilized.  The Geopier elements were for street construction as well as bridge approach embankments.  The existing subgrade was between two wetlands that required 3,300 Geopier elements to improve the subgrade to a usable condition.  Ground Improvement Engineering designed the Geopier system that would meet the load requirements.  Installation of the Geopier elements was completed in an efficient and timely manner even considering the limited access to the work area.  I would not hesitate to use Ground Improvement Engineering and Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier systems in the future."

Doug Hoy, P.E., Sayre Associates, Inc. (Sioux Falls, SD)

"We have recommended GIE for several projects in the past 6 years that have ranged from large grain storage structures to multiple story buildings with differing soil conditions from thick uncontrolled fill to compressible deposits.  Each project has been a success in mitigating the anticipated damaging settlements and providing a high allowable bearing pressure, without significant impact to the project schedule.  We see Ground Improvement Engineering’s products as a cost effective solution and will continue to recommend their products. Their team of engineers has always been professional and good to work with from start to finish."

Bryan P. Kumm, P.E., Project Engineer, Geotechnical Services, Inc. (Omaha, NE)

"At first were somewhat skeptical that Geopier systems could develop adequate bearing conditions in some very challenging environments.  After dozens of highly successful projects covering many applications, our firm regularly recommends rammed aggregate pier systems as a cost effective solution to develop increased bearing capacity and settlement control.  Just as important, their technical assistance has been highly professional and extremely responsive.  They certainly are at the top of our list of soil improvement solutions." 

Michael N. Schultz, P.E., President,  CGC, Inc. (Madison/Milwaukee, WI)

"I have had the opportunity to recommend Geopier solutions and use them on many projects.  They have provided my clients with a cost effective foundation alternative to sites with poor soil conditions for the anticipated loads. Benefits included the ability to use the same contractor that is building the building to install the footings thus not having to bring in a specialty contractor. Also, Geopiers can be installed in most any weather condition allowing clients to keep to a schedule and/or work in winter conditions."

William Stafford, P.E., Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineers, P.A. (Kansas City, KS)


"As we evaluated a number of ground improvement technologies for the Wichita Central Rail Corridor Project, it became apparent early-on that the engagement and design support provided by Geopier Engineers (Aaron Gaul) was on target with our needs.  This support carried through construction and performance monitoring of the walls.  They were truly interested in delivering an efficient, economical engineering solution to meet our design and performance requirements."

Wayne Duryee, Geotechnical Section Manager, HNTB Corporation (Kansas City, MO)