True innovation. For any soil situation.

Soft clay or silt.

Loose sand.

Organic soils, uncontrolled fill, high groundwater.

At GIE, no matter your soil conditions, we have the unique products and processes to help us succeed. Chief among them: our family of Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) Systems for soil and slope stabilization (Geopier GP3®, Geopier Rampact®, Geopier Impact®, Grouted Impact®, Geopier Densipact®, and Armorpact®).

These intermediate foundation innovations are the best alternative to massive over-excavation and deep pile foundations. (If they weren’t, we’d invent something else.) All utilize a distinctive vertical impact ramming energy to deliver superior strength and stiffness; all can be installed using replacement or displacement methods. Most importantly, RAP systems are more versatile, provide greater support capacity, better settlement control, and are a better economic value than the historical vibro-stone column method.

Adding to the suite of ground improvement methods is the Geopier SRT® system.  This is the patented Plate Pile method for slope reinforcement and repair using arrays of steel or aluminum elements.

Best yet, all of this technology and know-how is backed by two decades of proven foundation support, and the relentless R&D of Geopier Foundation Company – whose conception and implementation of new systems like RAP have optimized costs, codes and schedules the world over.

True innovation. For almost any soil situation.

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  • Geopier GP3® System

    Utilizes pre-augering and vertical impact ramming energy to construct Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) elements, for unsurpassed strength and stiffness.

  • Impact

    Extremely cost-effective for installations in soils subject to caving because construction is facilitated using a patented displacement mandrel.  Usually no drill spoils.

  • GeoConcrete Column System

    Ideally suited for contaminated sites where spoils or over excavation are not viable options.

  • Grouted Impact

    Provides a stable bearing layer for spread footing foundations; no special load transfer platform required.

  • Densipact®

    Its singular purpose is to densify very loose to loose sandy soils 25 to 30 feet deep.

  • Geopier Armorpact System

    Developed to provide long-term confinement support in soft organic (peat, organic silt/clay) and cohesive soils for building foundations.

  • Geopier SRT System

    The Geopier SRT (Slope Reinforcement Technology) system is a powerful, proven method to stabilize slopes and active landslides.