New Geopier Technologies

Regardless of your soil conditions, we have several new technologies to ensure success for your next ground improvement project.

Geopier Armorpact System

The Geopier Armorpact system is a leap forward in improving poor soils created through research by Geopier Foundation Company. The patented system is a cost-effective solution for supporting buidings and other structures in very soft clay and organic soils. [LEARN MORE]

Geopier Densipact System
The Geopier Densipact system is an innovative soil  improvement method created through research by Geopier Foundation Company.  Its singular purpose is to densify loose sandy soils to depths of 25 to 30 feet. [LEARN MORE]

Geopier SRT System (Platepile)
The Geopier SRT (Slope Reinforcement Technology) system is a powerful, proven method to stabilize slopes and active landslides. Ground Improvement Engineering (GIE) will tailor the design for your soil and slope conditions. [LEARN MORE]

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