Echo Lighting Warehouse – Council Bluffs, Iowa

Project Description:

This is a new electrical supply office/warehouse building with a footprint of 117,000 square feet. Compressive column loads of 80 to 460 kips and individual column uplift loads of over 100 kips.

Subsurface Conditions:

The subsurface conditions consist of uncontrolled clay fill underlain by native clay, silt and silty sand. Groundwater was encountered approximately 10 feet below the floor elevation.


The Geopier GP3® system was selected to support foundations that had both compression and uplift loads.  A total of 418 Rammed Aggregate Pier® elements were installed in less than two weeks on site.  The uplift resistance Geopeir elements had a working tension capacity of 30 kips each.  The modulus load test had less than 1/4-inch deflection at a design top-of-pier stress of nearly 17,000 psf.

Project Team

Geopier Designer: Ground Improvement Engineering
Structural Engineer: HGM Associates, Inc. – Council Bluffs, IA 
Geotechnical Engineer: Terracon, Inc. – Omaha, Nebraska
General Contractor: Anderson Construction, Council Bluffs, IA 
Geopier Installer: Peterson Contractors, Inc., Reinbeck, IA