Case Histories

Boot Hill Casino - Dodge City, Kansas

Under Construction

Project Description:

The initial phase consisted of the construction of a 45,000 square foot single story, steel framed casino structure with ceiling heights that vary from 18 feet to 36 feet. The structure has maximum column and wall loads on the order of 175 kips and 4.5 kips per lineal foot, respectively.

Subsurface Conditions:

The project site is underlain by up to about 12 feet of variable consistency soft to medium stiff lean clay soils. Beneath the relatively weak consistency materials, relatively stiff lean clay soils were encountered and extended to the maximum depths explored. Groundwater was not encountered in the borings.


The Geopier GP3TM System was chosen for foundation support of this structure as an alternative to more costly conventional deep foundations such as drilled piers or auger-cast pile. The Geopier GP3 system was designed to reinforce the clay soils for support of the structural building loads and allow a high allowable foundation bearing pressure of 6,000 psf.

A total of 166 (30-inch diameter) Geopier GP3 elements were installed in only three working days on site. Use of the Geopier System reduced construction costs, facilitated “conventional” foundation construction, and accelerated the foundation construction schedule.

Project Team

Architect: KKE Architects, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Clark Engineering Corporation
Geotechnical Engineer: Cook, Flat & Strobel Engineers, P.A.
General Contractor: McPherson Contractors, Inc.
GFC Installer: Peterson Contractors, Inc.
GFC Designer: GFC - Midwest (now Ground Improvement Engineering)