About Us

A Geopier® pioneer.

Ground Improvement Engineering is the Midwest’s leader in designing ground improvement. And since our inception, we’ve been “Leading. By Design.”

Nearly 25 years ago we introduced a skeptical geotechnical and structural engineering community to the very notion of ground improvement. Soon after, our company designed the first Geopier application in the Midwest.

Today, more than 8,000 successful Geopier solutions later, we are still the only company in the country devoted solely to designing ground improvement. Just as we are still dedicated to designing Geopier applications. Put simply, they give our clients a well-engineered, practical, cost-effective alternative to deep pile foundations and over-excavation/replacement.

So when you have a building support, slope improvement or soil stabilization need, call the leading name in the game – Ground Improvement Engineering. No matter where your site stands, no matter what your poor soil conditions are, it’s familiar territory to us.



  • Geotechs

    You're the cornerstone of our success. We're a company of geotechs also, and we speak your language.

  • Builders

    We get on and off your work site quickly, correctly, and cost effectively.

  • Structural Engineers

    We know you trust us to be the foundation for what you do.